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'ParaNorman' costume designs no small effort
'ParaNorman' costume designs no small effort

HILLSBORO, Ore. — Movie buffs probably have some idea of what goes into designing a costume for film.But what about when the star is a 9-inch-tall puppet named Norman?As I learned a few months ago during a visit to the Laika Studios set of "ParaNorman,"the 3-D stop-motion animation film that opened Friday, it was all about sweating the small stuff.There were pint-sized patterns, scalpels for cutting fabric and tiny needles roughly the thickness of a human hair for sewing it. These tools of the trade helped create the 120 miniature costumes for the film's silicone puppets.PHOTOS: Costumes from the film "ParaNorman"There is technical precision to designing at this scale. But there'...