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Hispanic Heritage Month

TV Picks: 'Jane the Virgin,' 'Cristela,' 'Uncle,' '50-Year Argument'

TV Picks: 'Jane the Virgin,' 'Cristela,' 'Uncle,' '50-Year Argument'

"Jane the Virgin" (CW, Mondays), "Cristela" (ABC, Fridays). It may seem too obvious or even a little patronizing to group these two series, each led by a young Latina actress, into a single pick; but that such a thing remains a rarity in network television (or any television at all not specifically targeted to a Latino audience) makes the point worth underscoring, and that they are premiering within days of one another makes the conjunction, let's face it, irresistibly convenient. (It is also, possibly not by coincidence, the last week of Hispanic Heritage Month.)

Of all the pilots I viewed in the run-up to the fall season, "Jane the...

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