Scottish voters reject independence from Britain


Bill Plaschke
AT&T buys DirecTV! 'Godzilla' is an unstoppable force.
AT&T buys DirecTV! 'Godzilla' is an unstoppable force.

After the coffee. Before having to cover yet another merger. The Skinny: So much for a relaxing weekend recovering from upfronts and New York City. Instead I spent Saturday and Sunday writing about AT&T buying DirecTV. I have a hunch I'll be doing that again today. Besides that nearly $50-billion deal, other stories in today's report include the weekend box-office recap and the decision by OWN and St. Louis Rams prospect Michael Sam to bail on a "documentary" about the gay football player's possible ascension to the NFL. Daily Dose: The AT&T-DirecTV deal (see below) won't mean much for Dodgers fans. Like DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse has also refused to cut a...