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Street artist Jay Shells returns to L.A. with @TheRapQuotes
Street artist Jay Shells returns to L.A. with @TheRapQuotes

On this warm Easter Sunday morning, New York street artist Jason Shelowitz (a.k.a. Jay Shells) is on the streets of Inglewood. He pulls over his rented silver Chevy at the bustling intersection of Imperial Highway and Western Avenue, hip-hop prattling on the car stereo. Then he grabs a step ladder from the back seat, adjusts his black “Rap” baseball cap and races across three lanes on foot. Now on the traffic island, cars whizzing by on both sides, he eyeballs a pole sporting a “One Way” street sign. Quickly, as if changing a light bulb, he screws in what looks like another aluminum street sign beneath it, this one offering a vastly different message than parking...