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William T. Vollmann
Ghosts soar in William Vollmann's hefty 'Last Stories'
Ghosts soar in William Vollmann's hefty 'Last Stories'

It has been a season of giants in the arts. In New York, Jeff Koons' "Split-Rocker," a 37-foot-tall foliage sculpture of a rocking horse made up of 50,000 flowering plants, has given Kara Walker's sphinx, a 35-foot-tall sculpture made of an estimated 40 tons of sugar, a real run for endless Instagram opportunities. Meanwhile, in the literary world Karl Ove Knausgaard has hooked readers all over the world not so much in spite of but because of the immensity — 3,600 pages and six volumes — of "My Struggle." It's in this moment of heavyweights that William T. Vollmann returns with "Last Stories and Other Stories." Remarkably, even at...