Manuel Puig
'Ghosts: A Novel' by Cesar Aira

GhostsA NovelCésar AiraTranslated from the Spanishby Chris AndrewsNew Directions: 140 pp., $12.95 paperAre there ghosts in "Ghosts"? Short answer: You bet. Long answer: Well, that is what reading this wonderful novel is finally all about -- considering the question, "What is a ghost?"Or maybe not. The fourth of Argentine César Aira's more than 70 books to be translated into English, "Ghosts" is an incitement to the sensuality of thought, of wonder, of questioning, of anticipation.Beware: Some novels are quite shy in announcing the greatness that is within. "Ghosts" is a model of such reticence, beginning in this mild way: "On the morning of the 31st of December, the Pagaldays...