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Muriel Rukeyser
For so-and-so, with love
For so-and-so, with love

"For Sherrell, Who's helped show me the way from my earliest recollections, and whose love and spirit -- abundant in every way -- are a large part of the life behind this book and the life in this book. My Love Always, Roy. Old Chatham, NY, 12/25/82." On the flyleaf of the book, black ink swirls, loopy letters leaning right, taking me back to the wintry evening I presented it -- a copy of my brand new first novel -- to my big sister. I was 29 and she was 44, the eldest of us, and when she read the inscription she got teary, hugged the book and me. It would occupy forever, I believed, a hallowed spot on her shelf. I was reminded of this not long ago when I slipped this same...