National September 11 Memorial & Museum
Writing on the 9/11 memorial -- graffiti or grief?
Writing on the 9/11 memorial -- graffiti or grief?

New York cops have a tricky situation on their hands: What to do, or not do, about the relatives and friends of 9/11 victims who have begun scratching messages into the bronze plaques bearing the names of victims at the new 9/11 memorial. Technically it’s an act of criminal mischief, but police wisely aren’t even trying to figure out who did it; who would want to arrest a relative who had cut “Love 4Ever” alongside a victim's name? But if the practice doesn’t get addressed in some way, it could become its own “broken window” opportunity, inviting all kinds of vandalism from strangers, conspiracy theorists and thugs with cruel things to say.  That graffiti would suck the humanity out of...