Primo Levi
Paperback Writers: Greek myth is hip, so is Richard Milward's new novel

Dino Buzzati: "Poem Strip" (NYRB Classics) This is weird, wild, wonderful. Dino Buzzati was a luminary of the Italian avant-garde around the middle of the last century. His writing started out as straightforward realism but moved toward Gogol and Kafka. Near the end of his life he created "Poem Strip," a graphic novel that was way ahead of the curve and retold the Orpheus story, set in Swinging '60s Milan. The images are surreal, sexy and frightening, and the text (translated here for the first time into English by Marina Harss, with lettering by Rich Tommaso) is both compelling and poetic. There are shades of Fellini, shades of Dickens, shades of the great...