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'Hitch 22' by Christopher Hitchens
'Hitch 22' by Christopher Hitchens

Hitch-22A MemoirChristopher HitchensTwelve: 448 pp., $26.99With the possible exception of Tom Wolfe and Maureen Dowd's, Christopher Hitchens' marvelous byline is the most archly kinetic in current-day American letters. Every article, review and essay has the romantic whiff of a durable vintage. You might disagree with him. You might question his motives. But not for a second will you ever be bored."The usual duty of the 'intellectual' is to argue for complexity and to insist that phenomena in the world of ideas should not be sloganized or reduced to easily repeated formulae," Hitchens explains in "Hitch-22," the Vanity Fair correspondent's cunning, illuminating memoir. "But there...