Simone Weil
Discoveries: 'Gold Boy, Emerald Girl' by Yiyun Li
Discoveries: 'Gold Boy, Emerald Girl' by Yiyun Li

Plus 'At Home With Andre and Simone Weil' by Sylvie Weil; 'Framing Innocence' by Lynn Powell. Gold Boy, Emerald Girl Stories Yiyun Li Random House: 221 pp., $25 Some books leave you hungry. Perhaps it is the overwhelming loneliness of many of Yiyun Li's characters, their quiet desperation that makes a reader turn the pages hoping for resolution and redemption. But this is not Disneyland, this is Shanghai. Moyan, looking back on her 41 years, on her childhood with an unhappy mother, her young adulthood in the Chinese army and her lonely life as a mathematics teacher, is every bit as empty as Camus' stranger. This is Li's third book. She came to the U.S....