Toni Morrison
Review: 'Home' by Toni Morrison feels distant
Review: 'Home' by Toni Morrison feels distant

HomeA NovelToni MorrisonAlfred A. Knopf: 148 pp., $24I've long admired Toni Morrison as a moral visionary, but her fiction, not so much. Of her nine novels, three — "Song of Solomon" (1977), "Beloved" (1987) and 2008's "A Mercy" — are masterpieces, yet the others, particularly the post-Nobel books "Paradise" (1997) and "Love" (2003) can be so stylized as to veer dangerously close to self-parody. Anyone who's read her in any depth may understand what I'm referring to: those stentorian rhythms, the biblical cadences, the characters who function more as archetypes than flesh-and-blood.I say this not to minimize her achievements — three masterpieces in a lifetime are three more than...