It does contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

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    So, you think you can keep up with this adrenaline-filled series? You think you're tough enough? Before you get in too deep, you'd better study up with this quiz.

    • 1. Who does Kiefer Sutherland's character work for?

      • A. Himself

      • B. FBI

      • C. Government's CTU

      • D. Bill Gates

    • 2. What is Kiefer Sutherland's middle name?

      • A. William

      • B. Frederick

      • C. Dempsey

      • D. All of the above

    • 3. Presidential nominee David Palmer is a/n __________?

      • A. Actor

      • B. Businessman

      • C. Senator

      • D. Pro Athlete

    • 4. Which film was Kiefer Sutherland not in?

      • A. "Stand By Me"

      • B. "A Few Good Men"

      • C. "Dark City"

      • D. "Eight Men Out"

    • 5. Which artist will Kiefer Sutherland play in "Paradise Found?"

      • A. William Blake

      • B. Paul Gauguin

      • C. Auguste Rodin

      • D. Edouard Manet

    • 6. Where did Teri Bauer receive her Bachelor of Arts?

      • A. Maryland Institute, College of Art

      • B. Rhode Island School of Design

      • C. Art Student's League of New York

      • D. Peabody Conservatory

    • 7. What is Teri Bauer's relationship to Jack Bauer?

      • A. Sister

      • B. Daughter

      • C. Cousin

      • D. Wife

    • 8. In what year of high school is Kimberly Bauer?

      • A. 1

      • B. 2

      • C. 3

      • D. 4

    • 9. How is Kimberly Bauer related to Teri Bauer?

      • A. Daughter-mother

      • B. Mother-daughter

      • C. Cousins

      • D. Sisters

    • 10. In what did Nina Myers major at Harvard University?

      • A. Middle Eastern Studies and Psychology

      • B. Asian Studies and History

      • C. Middle Eastern Studies and History

      • D. Psychology and History

    • 11. In what state was David Palmer a senator?

      • A. Delaware

      • B. New Jersey

      • C. California

      • D. Maryland

    • 12. What is David Palmer's marital status?

      • A. Married

      • B. Divorced

      • C. Single

      • D. Widowed

    • 13. In what other TV series did Dennis Haysbert appear?

      • A. "Law & Order"

      • B. "Now & Again"

      • C. "Homicide"

      • D. "Once & Again"

    • 14. From what high school did Karina Arroyave graduate?

      • A. Baltimore School for the Arts

      • B. Beverly Hills High School

      • C. West Hollywood High School

      • D. LaGuardia High School of Music and the Arts

    • 15. Which of the following is not one of the show's executive producers?

      • A. Ron Howard

      • B. Brian Grazer

      • C. Tony Krantz

      • D. James Cameron

    • 16. Which actress plays Mandy?

      • A. Mia Kirshner

      • B. Mia Sara

      • C. Sarah Lively

      • D. Amanda Peet

    • 17. Which "Nightmare on Elm Street" did Stephen Hopkins direct?

      • A. None of them

      • B. The Dream Child

      • C. Dream Warriors

      • D. The Dream Master

    • 18. Each episode of "24" takes place during ___________?

      • A. One day

      • B. Two days

      • C. One hour

      • D. 24 minutes

    • 19. Which city has not served as a filming location for "24?"

      • A. D.C.

      • B. Los Angeles

      • C. Toronto

      • D. Vancouver

    • 20. Which author did Kiefer Sutherland portray in "Beat?"

      • A. Jack Kerouac

      • B. Allen Ginsberg

      • C. William S. Burroughs

      • D. Clive Barker

    • 21. What did Kiefer Sutherland win an MTV Award for in 1997?

      • A. Best kiss

      • B. Best villain

      • C. Best new director

      • D. Breakthrough artist

    • 22. Who did Dennis Haysbert play in "Major League?"

      • A. Willie Mays Hayes

      • B. Ricky Vaughn

      • C. Pops Morgan

      • D. Pedro Cerrano

    • 23. For what do the letters CTU stand?

      • A. Counter Terrorism Union

      • B. Counter Terrorism Unit

      • C. Combined Terrorism Unit

      • D. Central Terrorism Unit

    • 24. To whom was Kiefer Sutherland once engaged?

      • A. Winona Ryder

      • B. Jami Gertz

      • C. Julia Roberts

      • D. Phoebe Cates

Jack and Rick run away from the van, which is in flames. Several of Gaines' men have been hurt, but he just tells the others to cut Jack and Rick off.
Teri and Kim keep running down a creek bed like Jack told them. Rick complains to Jack about his arm, which was hit in the exchange of gunfire.
Teri and Kim decide to follow a different path using the satellite images on a PDA that Jack gave them.
Tony gives Nina some information on Gaines' land. He reassures Nina that Jack will be safe. She apologizes to Tony for being harsh.
Alberta tells Nina and Tony that Jamey's mother, Erica Vasquez, received $300,000 in the last four months. She tells them to question Vasquez, who is coming in to pick up Kyle.

12:07 p.m. -- Palmer argues with Novick about Ferragamo. Palmer wants to go to Maureen with the story.
Gaines talks to Drazen, who gives him a little more time to kill Jack. Gaines is with Kevin, who wants to leave.

12:10 p.m. -- Jack and Rick arrive at the water tower where he planned to meet Teri and Kim. He checks Rick's arm and says that the bullet passed through and didn't hit anything important, so Rick will survive. Jack then gets ready to leave to look for Teri and Kim, but reminds Rick that there will be consequences for him for kidnapping Kim even though he helped her later.
Teri and Kim are lost. Teri is very disoriented.

12:16 p.m. -- Palmer talks to Sherry. She thinks Novick is right and Palmer shouldn't go public with the story. She says the police will never prove they had anything to do with Ferragamo's death. He has doubts about whether he can run a country when he can't even manage his family affairs.
Jack calls Alberta and says he's going to find Kim and Teri. When Alberta tells him units are on their way to the water tower, he tells her to have them take Rick.

12:20 p.m. -- Jack runs back up the creek bed. Kim and Teri are surrounded by Gaines' men and hide out in an old shack. One of the men almost finds them, but is called back by Gaines. Teri is still holding her side in pain. Just when the women think they are safe, the man sees them through a crack in the wall, but Jack sees him first and shoots him.
Gaines starts yelling over the walkie-talkie, wanting to know who fired. Jack grabs the walkie-talkie and tells Teri and Kim they have to leave before Gaines catches on to what happened.

12:29 p.m. -- Vasquez (Jamey's mother) is angry about Jamey's death and questions Nina and Tony as they enter a small room to question her. They tell her Jamey was a traitor and she could be charged as an accomplice if she doesn't answer their questions. They look very uncomfortable while telling her this. They ask her about large deposits in her bank accounts, and she says they were from Jamey for Kyle in case anything ever happened to her. She doesn't know where the money came from.

12:31 p.m. -- Gaines figures out who's missing. Jack knows where everyone is because of the walkie-talkie, so he can stay one step ahead of them.
Palmer talks to Maureen in her hotel room about going public with the story about his son and Ferragamo. She says she left the network and tells him to leave it alone. He asks if she was threatened and promises to protect her. She says there's no point since the hospital papers with Keith's handwriting have been destroyed and Palmer's word isn't good enough to prove what happened.

12:35 p.m. -- Gaines finds the man Jack shot.