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Recipe: Pumpkin seed stuffing with chorizo
Recipe: Pumpkin seed stuffing with chorizo

Total time: 1 hour, 40 minutes There's more to do with pumpkin than put it in a pie, Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter found during the Thanksgiving holidays. The rich flavors of this stuffing -- nutty seeds, sweet corn and cornbread, and smoky, spicy Spanish chorizo -- make this an amazing side dish at any time of year, and with or without turkey. Pumpkin seed oil can be found at well-stocked supermarkets and gourmet cooking stores. Spanish chorizo can be found at many markets, including La Espanola Meats in Harbor City, Spain Restaurant in Los Angeles, and Surfas in Culver City. For a little extra heat, roast two to four jalapenos with the poblanos, then clean, stem, seed and chop...