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'Million Dollar Arm's' real stars make wild pitch pay off
'Million Dollar Arm's' real stars make wild pitch pay off

All was normal on Hollywood Boulevard last week — or as normal as it gets, anyway — save for a strip of AstroTurf and a pitching mound that had been erected in the middle of the street. Outside the El Capitan Theatre, nine wide-eyed hopefuls sat nervously on a bench, baseballs in hand. Each was about to try to throw a 100-mph strike, and if someone succeeded, they'd win $1 million. Bleachers had been set up, and a handful of baseball legends including Steve Garvey and Dave Winfield looked on at the novices, but they weren't there to offer a rousing pep talk. Instead, that task fell to Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, two 25-year-old men from India who had not even...