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Outlander Sport shows Mitsubishi is driven to compete

Outlander Sport shows Mitsubishi is driven to compete

The relative rarity of Mitsubishi cars these days confirms the company's status as an underdog automaker. Mitsubishi ranks sixth out of the seven Japanese manufacturers in U.S. sales, just ahead of Suzuki.

But through the first five months of 2011, sales have increased an astounding 61% versus the same period last year, making it the fastest-growing mass-market automaker in the U.S. Much of the growth is due to its newest model, the 2011 Outlander Sport. The Outlander family now accounts for almost one-third of the company's sales.

The 2011 Outlander Sport demonstrates Mitsubishi's embrace of a fun-to-drive, eco-friendly mandate as it presses ahead into the 21st century...