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Dominick Dunne: Excerpts from his work

This excerpt is from Dominick Dunne's article "Fatal Charm: The Social Web of Claus von Bulow," which originally appeared in Vanity Fair and is reprinted in Dunne's "Fatal Charms and the Mansions of Limbo" (1999). It was reported during Von Bulow's 1985 retrial and acquittal for the attempted murder of his heiress-wife, Sunny, who died in 2008 after nearly 28 years in a coma. This scene features Von Bulow and his then- mistress, Andrea Reynolds. For the first several weeks of the trial in Providence, my room at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel was on the same floor as the rooms von Bulow and Mrs. Reynolds shared. For several years I had seen the two of them around...