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Cassini's best images yet of the 'hexagon' on Saturn [Video]

Cassini's best images yet of the 'hexagon' on Saturn [Video]

Saturn's strange hexagon is coming into better focus.

A six-sided weather pattern is churning over Saturn's north pole, and thanks to new data collected by NASA's Cassini mission, scientists -- and the rest of us -- can now see it with more clarity than ever before.

The hexagon shape you see wobbling in the video above is a fast-blowing jet stream of 200-mph winds. The pattern spans 20,000 miles, and the dark area in its center, located directly over the north pole, is a massive hurricane with an eye 50 times larger than the largest one seen on Earth.

Those reddish oval shapes are swirling vortices. The largest one, whitish and toward the bottom right, is about 2,200...

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