Amber Smith

Fast cars, loose cash figure in firm's demise

Fast cars, loose cash figure in firm's demise

John Visconti says he was thinking only of his son's future when he bought him a $220,000 Aston Martin sports car for his birthday -- no matter that the little guy was 3 years old.

"I had saved money for three years to pay for that as an investment for my son," Visconti told a lawyer for his estranged wife, whom he married when she was 20 and he was nearly 60.

At the time, the Aston Martin might have been just a pricey bone of contention in yet another acrimonious Beverly Hills breakup.

But that was before Visconti's luxury cars became an issue in the collapse of his Hollywood payroll services company, Axium International Inc., costing 550 employees their...

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