Avi Arad
'The Amazing Spider-Man 2:' Six things to know
'The Amazing Spider-Man 2:' Six things to know

By now you either know a lot about “The Amazing Spider-Man2,” have seen “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” or are one of the few who don’t care much about “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” in the first place. Still, there are some tidbits, both about the film and about how director Marc Webb made it, that are worth sharing. Here, then, are six things to know as you head in or out of the theater this weekend. (Warning: Spoilers ahead.) Amazingly big. No summer movie is a small production, but “ASM2” was particularly not small. The film, which is the first of the five ”Spider-Man” movies to shoot for any length of time in Peter Parker’s New York, went for elaborate locations and exteriors. The Andrew...