Government severely misjudged strength of Oroville emergency spillway, sparking a crisis

Brandon T. Jackson

Supernatural thriller 'Eloise' glosses over ambitious storytelling

Supernatural thriller 'Eloise' glosses over ambitious storytelling

Director Robert Legato and screenwriter Christopher Borrelli set their shocker “Eloise” in the abandoned asylum of the same name, outside Detroit. But Oscar-winning special effects artist Legato (making his feature-directing debut) adds so much visual polish that he covers up too much of the grimy atmosphere.

Chase Crawford stars as the cash-strapped Jacob, whose late father left him a healthy inheritance, provided he can prove the death of an aunt once housed at Eloise. Unwilling to wait for the state bureaucracy, Jacob calls on a burglar buddy (Brandon T. Jackson), a nerdy expert on the hospital’s history (P.J. Byrne) and the expert’s sister (Eliza Dushku) to help him break...