Special Report: The FBI sting that tore apart a small town


Chris Cooper
TV crime series 'The Equalizer' now out on DVD
TV crime series 'The Equalizer' now out on DVD

With Denzel Washington's thriller "The Equalizer" opening Sept. 26, Visual Entertainment Inc. has just released a DVD box set of the entire 1985-89 CBS series on which the feature film is based. Edward Woodward ("Breaker Morant") won a Golden Globe and was nominated for four Emmy Awards playing Robert McCall, a former government secret agent who defends the defenseless on the mean streets of New York. The gritty series features Stuart Copeland's pulsating score and guest appearances by up-and-comers such as Kevin Spacey, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Joe Morton, Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Grey and Chris Cooper. The 30-disc set features the 88 original episodes and...