Scottish voters reject independence from Britain


Clark Duke
Unraveling any weight-gain links to stress, cortisol
Unraveling any weight-gain links to stress, cortisol

Here's some not especially breaking news: Lots of Americans are over-stressed, and lots of those very same Americans also are overweight. Surely, it would appear, stress must be one of the most fattening things outside of a KFC Double Down sandwich. Over the years, the weight-loss industry has tried to cash in on the connection between stress and weight with a variety of miracle slimming pills. The website for the supplement CortiSlim puts the pitch simply: "If you're under stress, if you want to trim your waistline, you should try CortiSlim now." The site explains that the hormone cortisol is one of the key players in turning stress into extra pounds. CortiSlim no...