Cobie Smulders
'They Came Together' a so-so lampoon of boy-meets-girl
'They Came Together' a so-so lampoon of boy-meets-girl

Every character in writer-director David Wain's romantic comedy parody "They Came Together" is a type and a joke: the "vaguely but not overtly Jewish" male lead (Paul Rudd), the cutely klutzy female lead (Amy Poehler), the wrong guy for her (Ed Helms), his hot and troubled ex (Cobie Smulders), and so on. Such surface gags are fine for the purposes of a sketch needling the conventions of Hollywood's boy-meets-girl factory product, but a feature-length lampoon needs more than rubbery performances, so-so silliness and the constant thrum of meta humor to make it a consistently amusing variation on a theme. The early promise was that Wain's and co-writer Michael Showalter's movie would recall...