David Brown
'Septic Man' is as drearily gross as it sounds
'Septic Man' is as drearily gross as it sounds

"Septic Man" can be summed up in pretty much two words: Don't ask. Directed by Jesse Thomas Cook from a script by Tony Burgess, it's a grotesque, deadly dull piece of cinematic upchuck, a horror film minus tension or chills. Think "The Toxic Avenger," minus the avenger. When resourceful sewage worker Jack (Jason David Brown) is hired by the mysterious, stringy-haired Prosser (Julian Richings) to get to the bottom — literally — of a Canadian town's water contamination crisis, the intrepid Jack jumps at the potentially huge payday, despite the protestations of his wary, pregnant wife (Molly Dunsworth). But in short order, Jack becomes...