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David Wain
'Draft Day' a 'Moneyball' for the hard-core pro football fan
'Draft Day' a 'Moneyball' for the hard-core pro football fan

Draft Day Lionsgate, $29.95; Blu-ray, $39.99 A sort of "Moneyball" for people who distrust statisticians, "Draft Day" stars Kevin Costner as an NFL general manager (for the Cleveland Browns) who risks the ire of his owner, his coach and his fan base as he ignores what the numbers say and instead selects college players for the team who have what old-school jocks call "the intangibles." It's an unusual sports drama in that it's not interested in the long-range outcome of the hero's gutsy choices. This movie is more for hard-core pro football fans who are fascinated by the front office mechanics — although those fans may also be...