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James Bond's women: How to catch his eye

James Bond's women: How to catch his eye

If most men harbor a secret desire to emulate Cmdr. Bond by donning a tuxedo or packing a Walther PPK (and they do — survey any five guys about the combination lock on their briefcase, and three are likely to have chosen 0-0-7), it's safe to assume that at least a few women have wondered what it might take to become the object of Bondian affections. Based on the last 50 years, here are a few pointers that might help an aspiring Bond girl get a leg up on the competition.

Pick a memorable moniker

Take a clue from Honey Ryder and Pussy Galore, Plenty O'Toole and Holly Goodhead (excuse me, that's Dr. Holly Goodhead). Potential vixens and villainesses should choose...

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