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Elisabeth Shue
Movie review: 'Janie Jones'
Movie review: 'Janie Jones'

Bad notes, old song in 'Janie Jones' In "Janie Jones," the guitar-slinging pre-teen girl with the long black hair is 15-year-old Abigail Breslin, a little tougher-looking since her "Little Miss Sunshine" debut but sporting the same appealing mixture of pluck and vulnerability. She's not served well by this music-filled road drama, however. Dumped by her ex-groupie single mom (Elisabeth Shue) into the hands of the father she never knew — a fading alcoholic rocker named Ethan (Alessandro Nivola) in the middle of a disastrous tour of divey bars — Janie should feel like more of a title character than a programmatic catalyst for his redemptive...