Felicity Jones

Long-delayed action film 'Collide' is one dopey ride

Long-delayed action film 'Collide' is one dopey ride

Four of cinema’s best faces share the screen in the international action picture “Collide.” Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones star as Americans enjoying a torrid love affair in Germany, while Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley play rival European crime bosses. That’s a lot of acting talent — all wasting their time.

Hoult is Casey, who gives up the criminal life at the behest of his girlfriend, Juliette (Jones). When she gets sick and needs an expensive operation, he returns to his old gang lord, Geran (Kingsley), and agrees to hijack a shipment of drugs belonging to shady industrialist Hagen Kahl (Hopkins).

Director Eran Creevy and his co-writer F. Scott Frazier essentially...

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