Gad Elmaleh
Audiences loved Audrey Tautou as 'Amélie.' Now she's all sexed up in 'Priceless.'

AUDREY TAUTOU became famous for playing a naif in "Amélie" seven years ago, but clearly, she's over it now. In "Priceless" (Hors de Prix), a new comedy directed and co-written by Pierre Salvadori, Tautou stars as a woman dependent on the kindness of strangers -- particularly if those strangers happen to be older, wealthy and interested in her sexually. "My agent told me there was a director writing a script for me, but I told her I didn't want to know who it was," she says on the telephone from her home in Paris. "I was scared that it would be a great director whose work I didn't like. When I learned it was Pierre, I was so happy. And I...