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On Selma's 50th anniversary, Obama will look to the future


Gillian Jacobs
TV Picks: 'Tiny Tiny Talk Show,' Whitney Rice
TV Picks: 'Tiny Tiny Talk Show,' Whitney Rice

"Tiny Tiny Talk Show" (Ora TV, new episodes Tuesdays and Thursdays); Whitney Rice (YouTube). A digital presentation of the Web network co-owned by Larry King, this "late-night" online mini-show lives up, or down, to its name, concluding its business in a dozen minutes or less, before an audience of a dozen people or less, on a set close if not quite a closet. (There will only be 11 episodes, for now or forever, so it is tiny in that way, as well.) The budget, too, evidently is small, though the show owns its modesty with a handmade, thrift store let's-do-this charm. In the accelerated, compressed, pocket-sized way we live now, it gets in a monologue, a couple of...