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Glen Morgan

Early on, 'Intruders' gets swallowed by the dark

Early on, 'Intruders' gets swallowed by the dark

Here comes "Intruders," creeping into BBC America on dead cat's feet, a Saturday-night sci-fi companion to the gloriously returning "Doctor Who."

Putting John Simm ("Life on Mars," "Doctor Who") together with Mira Sorvino ( "Falling Skies" lately, "Mighty Aphrodite" back when) is a promising start for a series. He's like something out of Depression-era Warner Bros., a bantamweight tough guy with a sensitive streak; she's an always-interesting actress, good with drama, good with comedy. That Glen Morgan, a veteran of "The X-Files" developed it, and that Julie Gardner (who shepherded the rebirth of "Doctor...