As he investigates Trump's aides, special counsel's record shows surprising flaws

Glen Morgan

Early on, 'Intruders' gets swallowed by the dark

Early on, 'Intruders' gets swallowed by the dark

Here comes "Intruders," creeping into BBC America on dead cat's feet, a Saturday-night sci-fi companion to the gloriously returning "Doctor Who."

Putting John Simm ("Life on Mars," "Doctor Who") together with Mira Sorvino ( "Falling Skies" lately, "Mighty Aphrodite" back when) is a promising start for a series. He's like something out of Depression-era Warner Bros., a bantamweight tough guy with a sensitive streak; she's an always-interesting actress, good with drama, good with comedy. That Glen Morgan, a veteran of "The X-Files" developed it, and that Julie Gardner (who shepherded the rebirth of "Doctor...

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