Jena Malone
Review: Grief and stillness suffuse 'The Wait'
Review: Grief and stillness suffuse 'The Wait'

When a loved one dies, sometimes those left behind experience a sort of purgatory themselves, a pause seized by grief. "The Wait" opens with just such a passing of a family matriarch, and a mysterious phone call convinces Emma (Chloë Sevigny) that her mother will rise from the dead like Lazarus. Or Jesus. They just have to wait. Emma's sister Angela (Jena Malone), going through some kind of breakup, finds the situation macabre but uses the break from daily life to reclaim her sense of freedom after a relationship of neglect. And their little brother Ian (Devon Gearhart) slips into the Oregon forest to make up with a friend. Looming over the family's mourning...