Jere Burns

'Justified's' psychopaths are never at a loss for words

'Justified's' psychopaths are never at a loss for words

Midway through the fourth season of "Justified," an out-of-town hoodlum tells Kentucky drug kingpin Boyd Crowder, "I love how you talk, using 40 words where four will do." The thug makes a point. Boyd, played by Walton Goggins, may well be the most loquacious psychopath in prime time.

Set in rural Kentucky, FX's series includes enough gunplay to satisfy crime-genre fans, but it's the killer dialogue that steals this show. "Justified" cast members have made the most of it with performances that have so far reaped five Emmy acting nominations and two wins.

Creator and executive producer Graham Yost traces the show's verbally dexterous blend of gore,...

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