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Tension winds tight in 'Supremacy' Aryan home-invasion drama

Tension winds tight in 'Supremacy' Aryan home-invasion drama

Even though "Supremacy" draws from actual events in Sonoma County two decades ago, the film plays out almost like a conventional Hollywood hostage thriller but for the incendiary, racially charged subtext.

Soon after Doreen (Dawn Olivieri) picks up the newly paroled Aryan brother Tully (Joe Anderson) from the pen, he guns down a sheriff's deputy who has pulled them over. The fugitives then invade a nearby home and take hostage the African American family inside.

The patriarch (Danny Glover) calmly tries to establish common ground with the hostage takers even as they rile up the rest of the family — and by extension, the viewers — with cringe-inducing slurs and...

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