Joe Berlinger
TV Picks: 'Plimpton,' 'Day Job,' 'The System, with Joe Berlinger'
TV Picks: 'Plimpton,' 'Day Job,' 'The System, with Joe Berlinger'

"Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton As Himself" (PBS, Friday). "American Masters," that great library of American cultural accomplishment, gives the nod to the late writer, editor, publisher and media personality -- if not exactly the father of "participatory journalism," then the man most identified with it through the last half of the last century. Which means, I suppose, that many of you will not have heard of him. (All the more reason to watch Tom Bean and Luke Poling's affectionate, at times intoxicating documentary.) As a sort of Walter Mitty not content to dream, Plimpton was the artist as dilettante, the dilettante as artist, transforming himself...