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Jonathan Slavin

Movie review: 'How Sweet It Is' squanders good talent

Movie review: 'How Sweet It Is' squanders good talent

"Look at me now, people wonder how I got into this game," croons Joe Piscopo in Brian Herzlinger's mindless musical comedy "How Sweet It Is." It's a valid question: Piscopo — one of the two break-out stars in the 1980s class of "Saturday Night Live" (the other was Eddie Murphy) — isn't just too good for this film, he's too good to be giving it this much effort.

Piscopo plays theater director Jack Cosmo, a gambler who's squandered his talent and a $130,000 loan from the local mob boss. To repay his debt, Big Mike (Paul Sorvino) demands that Cosmo stage a show about a candy fugue called, well, check the title. Worse, Big Mike casts his underworld...

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