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Kevin Williamson
'Muck' a glib and hollow attempt at horror
'Muck' a glib and hollow attempt at horror

Emerging from the briny swamps of Cape Cod, Mass., five carnal and scantily clad young friends break into a vacation home seeking refuge after two of their peers have met an untimely fate and another has been badly hurt. "Muck" doesn't explain what has transpired, but danger lurks. A passel of albino musclemen is apparently on a killing spree, mercilessly hacking topless buxom luminaries like a former playmate of the year and two former Miss Cape Cod titleholders. The film sheds no light on how the "creepers" came to be, and their prey certainly couldn't care less. Noah (Bryce Draper) seeks help. But on reaching civilization, he nonchalantly cleans up in a...