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Laraine Newman

'Live From New York!': It's a too-short snapshot of 'SNL'

'Live From New York!': It's a too-short snapshot of 'SNL'

The documentary "Live From New York!" is an entertaining but insubstantial chronicle of one of America's most enduring and influential television shows, NBC's "Saturday Night Live." Why director Bao Nguyen chose to jam 40 years of TV history into a mere 81 minutes, when a full two hours might not have sufficed, is just one of many curious choices.

The film begins at the beginning, introducing the show's original — some might say best — ensemble cast via an archival TV interview with Tom Snyder. We then see bits of some of the most beloved "SNL" skits and characters plus recent chats with such alumni as Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Laraine Newman, Garrett...

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