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Lesley Ann Warren
Movie review: 'A Little Help'
Movie review: 'A Little Help'

By turns well observed and overstated, "A Little Help" is the gently absurdist drama of a thirtysomething woman's coming of age. Jenna Fischer, expertly put-upon and yearning as Pam on "The Office," is sympathetic without asking for sympathy in the lead role, a onetime high school beauty whose sudden widowhood lands her abruptly in the grown-up world. Even before her louse of a husband meets his demise, dental hygienist Laura has the frazzled air of a single mother. Her 12-year-old son (Daniel Yelsky) finds nothing but fault with her, as do her overbearing sister (Brooke Smith) and carping mother (Lesley Ann Warren). Drawing a boldface line between pragmatism and...