Leslie Jordan

Offbeat 'Sordid Lives' at the Westchester Playhouse is warm-hearted

Pity the survivors of the late Peggy Ingram, whose bizarre demise is the talk of Winters, Texas. Elder daughter Latrelle drowns her mortification by fighting wildcat sister La Vonda over burying Mama in a ratty mink stole. Sissy, Peggy’s sibling, has more nicotine withdrawal angst than sisterly grief.

Nephew Ty balks at leaving his closeted NYC actor’s existence to come to Grandma’s funeral. And then, there’s Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram, Peggy’s institutionalized gay transvestite son, bewigged, bothered and bewildered after 23 years and counting.

So goes “Sordid Lives” at the Westchester Playhouse. Del Shore’s wildly entertaining Southern Gothic comedy receives an agreeably...

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