Mack Sennett

Brando's Eden? At those prices, Marlon wouldn't think so

Regarding "Brando's Eden," by Rosemary McClure, March 1: I worked and lived with Marlon Brando on Tetiaroa in French Polynesia from 1970 to 1973 as his architect and planner. I remained in contact with him until his death in 2004, and I can say with certainty that he would be appalled that Tetiaroa is now available only to the very affluent ($2,735 per night, three-night minimum), exclusive guests at the Brando luxury resort there. He always expressed how much he wanted to preserve the atoll for the Tahitian people. Marlon and Tarita lived in one of 12 simple open-air huts we built on the atoll. He is surely twisting in his grave at the mere mention of "35...