Once declared a nuisance, Irwindale Sriracha plant welcomes the public


Martin Starr
TV Picks: 'Community,' HBO Sunday series, 'Brothers Hypnotic'
TV Picks: 'Community,' HBO Sunday series, 'Brothers Hypnotic'

"Community" (NBC, Thursdays). Ratings have been reported historically low, but that this show, which now bears almost no relation to anything we have heretofore recognized as a sitcom, is surviving at all on a broadcast network seems miraculous to me. (And not a miracle I expect to be infinitely extensible, but one for which I am grateful.) With temporarily ousted creator Dan Harmon back in charge, "Community," which is set at a highly metaphorical, relentlessly postmodern community college, is now often being directed and shot as if it were a drama. (When it is not being animated, as it was last week, as if it were an episode of the 1980s cartoon series "G.I....