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Charlie Huston channels his anger in 'Skinner'

Charlie Huston channels his anger in 'Skinner'

These things have happened in Charlie Huston's novels: People are shot, strangled, bludgeoned, raped; a cat is tortured; brains are splattered. With his dark imagination, you might expect Huston to be a black-clad, moody goth, or a cigarette-smoking nihilist with a taste for the macabre. Instead, he's soft-spoken, with a quiet manner and a careful, disciplined bearing.

Discipline is what enabled him to publish 11 novels in eight years, while also writing several Marvel comic books and major TV projects like the "All Signs of Death" pilot with Alan Ball.

Twice an Edgar Award finalist, Huston is known for writing modern, edgy pulp lined with black humor. His latest,...

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