'Faith, family, football': How a Texas town is healing after a cop killed a black teenager

28 Days Later (movie)

McNamara's Picks: 'Letters to Jackie,' 'Walking Dead,' 'Elementary'

McNamara's Picks: 'Letters to Jackie,' 'Walking Dead,' 'Elementary'

"Letters to Jackie." If you think TLC's doc about the 800,000 letters sent to Jacqueline Kennedy after her husband's assassination is going to be a weeper, you're right. Soooo right. But in tears there is catharsis, and more than a little insight.

Americans of every sort began writing to the first lady from the moment shots were reported in Dallas and well into the months that followed. They wrote of grief, admiration, love and inspiration; they shared their own stories of loss and endurance; expressed their feelings for President Kennedy and his family, and captured the echoing sense that something deep and significant had changed in the American...

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