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Appaloosa (movie)
Hey, that ad-lib wasn't in the script!
Hey, that ad-lib wasn't in the script!

Everett Hitch and Virgil Cole had been riding all day, chasing bad guys across the chaparral in the western "Appaloosa." As actors Viggo Mortensen (who was playing Hitch) and Ed Harris (Cole) sat around a campfire filming a scene on the Galisteo, N.M., set, Mortensen improvised a line. "I'm about ready," he grumbled, "to make a pair of chaps out of that Godforsaken mule." It was the kind of ad-libbing that happens on almost any movie and, given Mortensen's cranky but erudite "Appaloosa" character, a perfectly fitting riff. But was the actor being a quick-on-his-feet movie star or a strike breaker? As it happens, Mortensen's new...