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A24: the brains behind 'The Bling Ring' zing
A24: the brains behind 'The Bling Ring' zing

NEW YORK CITY — Sofia Coppola could have easily gone the studio route in choosing a distributor for her new movie, "The Bling Ring." Instead she chose the upstart company that set loose the viral image of James Franco as a resplendently thugged-out Jesus. The Facebook posting of the actor in his "Spring Breakers" lizard-king persona, surrounded by his bikini-clad costars, director Harmony Korine and rapper Gucci Mane at a "Last Supper"-style banquet table, spread across the web in late March with a tide of 20,000 thumbs-up. By the time the company called A24 released "Spring Breakers," the $5-million crime romp had exploded across the...