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Vegas-set 'Wild Card' draws an, oh, so predictable hand

Vegas-set 'Wild Card' draws an, oh, so predictable hand

Do you know what happens when you push a bone-breaking jujitsu expert to the, well, breaking point? Action, baby, action, and the bodies they do pile up like presents under the tree in the new action movie "Wild Card."

Jason Statham stars as Nick Wild, a P.I. who specializes in the low-life scene in Vegas, where business is usually booming. This particular Christmas, however, it's slow, and Nick goes soft, forgetting to be his normally steely self.

With trouble around every corner, Statham soon gets into his groove, using hands, feet, lightning-fast speed and found objects — a spoon, guys, beware the spoon — to fight off endless hordes of muscled baddies with...

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