Warehouses promised lots of jobs, but robots are invading the workforce

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'Gravity' to soar over 'Captain Phillips.' Hulu wooing Hopkins?

'Gravity' to soar over 'Captain Phillips.' Hulu wooing Hopkins?

After the coffee. Before trying to score Dodgers-Cardinals tickets.

The Skinny: Even I'm starting to feel sorry for the New York Giants, and I'm a die-hard Washington Redskins fan. It's Friday so let's make this fast and furious. Today's roundup includes the box office preview, Warner Bros. firing back at a charge of theft and Hulu possibly having a new boss soon.

Daily Dose: Want to lead the conversation on media? The Paley Center for Media is looking for a new chief executive to replace Pat Mitchell, who steps down next year. Formerly the Museum of Television & Radio, the Paley Center tries to be both fan club to TV...