Catherine O'Hara

'Frankenweenie' is an ode to monster movies

'Frankenweenie' is an ode to monster movies

A lot can change when you're in the reincarnation business, and with Tim Burton's upcoming "Frankenweenie," which opens Oct. 5, that means resurrecting a beloved live-action 1984 short film about a boy named Victor and his live-then-dead-then-live-again dog Sparky as a feature-length, stop-motion animated film. What's staying the same is the movie's evocative black-and-white look, a stylistic choice that the film's makers say became one of the more unintentionally hard-won artistic rewards on this 21/2-year-long production. "You'd think black-and-white would be forgiving because it's just shades of gray. But it isn't. It shows every...